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Originally Posted by FMC1959 View Post
Both the BH and FEL are removable and are relatively easy to remove. I rarely take the FEL off while the BH and snowblower change every summer/winter. Front to back measurement, that depends how you want to measure. Some get by with a 12 ft trailer with the FEL hanging over the front or the BH out the back. If you were trying to put it in a garage it would need to be close to 15 ft to be able to close the garage door. Itís funny because with the FEL and BH off, it is marginally bigger than one of the larger Craftsman tractors you see at Sears, but it alone weighs over 1600 lbs.

Your trailer wouldnít work, not so much because it is 10 ft, but for the weight. Donít know what yours is rated at but as a single axle, I doubt it will do. The BX25 with BH and FEL attached are about 3300 lbs. If the MM Mower is on, thatís about another 220lbs
Thanks for the response FMC1959 and wrooster for yours too, as well as the videos showing how the FEL and backhoe come off and on. That clarifies a lot, and even though the overall length is more than I would like it to be, the fact that those items can be removed means I wouldn't have too much of a problem bring it in out of the weather when not in use. I've seen photos of a lot of TLBs that look pretty ratty because I presume they are left outside all year long. I certainly wouldn't want to do that. Removing them also means I might be able to transport the tractor and loader or backhoe to a friend's house separately using my single axle trailer. As far as the MMM is concerned, I won't be needing that since I already have an Exmark ZTR.

Another question is about the BX25 horsepower. One set of specs that I saw indicated it's 23 HP, but I had also read somewhere that the 25 figure in BX25 pertained to HP. Was that latter info incorrect, or is the engine size an option?

In case you didn't see it, wrooster, I sent you a message.
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