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Originally Posted by Ric View Post
I am very Familiar with the Vet School near the River. They do a lot of DNA Research and some cloning. Many years ago I lived right down the street in Tiger Town and bought $ 0.13 a pound live crawfish fresh off the Bayou. Yep that is over 40 years ago.

Louisiana has a very rich cultural back ground that I hope your daughter can pick up on and enjoy. I tried my best to be a Coon-ass and still do a lot of Cajun cooking. Many of the small town hold festivals that go back to European history. New Orleans is only the tip of the ice berg that is Louisiana.

However Louisiana is deep south with the perjury against any one not pure white. When my children came home from Pre School telling me they are called the "N" word because they are Asian, It was time to move.

Funny you should mention that because I am Asian. I don't think she will experience the things your kids did as maybe people have progressed a little. There are probably some that still think that way but she will be around more well rounded and educated people.
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