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we have teamed up with 2 other lco's and now have a pretty secure facility....although nothing is perfect you can make it harder to steal....10 ft fence w/barb wire, outside perimeter lazer detection (will trip silent alarm tied in to 3 of us as well as PD..) 2 really mean/traind dogs who only come in contact and answer to the 3 of us owners...our crews are not permitted any contact with the dogs....each truck has alarm as well as gps tracking....each trailer has alarm as well....all trailer are separated from trucks each night and tongue locks in place....16 camera surv. system that we can all watch from pc or phones (also records 24/7) btw the gps system will call our cell phone if truck/trailer move at all during off hours....we have put together a tough system for a fraction of what it costs to replace our equipment....thats not to say its bullet proof but it helps deter theft, as all 3 of us have been hit several times....
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