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Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post
Are your gas caps venting. ?
Fuel valve operating properly ?
When it starts running poorly...remove the fuelline and check the flow..
I wouldn't think it would be would show up on the sparkplugs..
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Gas caps are venting. I took it out yesterday and with all the bumping around I can see small moist areas near the hole so I think they're ok. I assume the shut-off valve is ok because I've left it closed before by accident and it killed the engine. Opening it allows the engine to start up and run fine. I see the same amount of fuel in the fuel filter all the time...but at some point if if keeps getting worse I'll make a point to check the flow. I did already replace the fuel pump.

Yesterday I tried some Lucas fuel system cleaner and I'll run that through and see how it goes. I'm also running some Star-tron in it and I've used that off and on in the past. I'll see how it goes on the next mow.
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