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Originally Posted by FMC1959 View Post
If you follow this link, you can see all the specs for the BX Series, including the 25

It is 23 HP and from what I know the BX24 is pretty much the same spec wise as the 25.

I was a bit off on the weight I gave you, I remember seeing about 3300 lbs when setup as a TLB, but on the specs they have the tractor at 1542, the BH at 617 and from what I recall the FEL is about 100 less than the BH, say about 500. So your looking at about 2700 lbs, still more than many single axles are rated for.
Thanks for the spec sheet and everything else you provided to me. I saved that data on my PC. I agree with you that my single axle trailer couldn't handle that much load, so if I do get a BX25, I'll probably be in the market for a bigger trailer.
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