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I never pulled a hose..but I debated on buying a 200 gallon lesco space saver or buying a ride on. I was torn between the two but decided to get a Permagreen Triumph. I'm glad I did.

I didn't want the tank on my truck all the time because I use only one truck to maintain lawns and do fert and squirt. I also have a dump trailer and a goose neck hitch in the bed. I wouldn't be able to use the goose neck with the tank in the bed and I would not have much room for debris with the tank in the bed.

Taking the tank out and putting it back in would have been a pain also. I almost went with a Turfco Unit but ended up getting a really good deal on a new 2012 Triumph. I was nervous at first and didn't do any spraying with it...just granular fert. But now I spray and throw fert....its great. Results are great.

I'm happy. My concern with the ride on was weed kill and being able to service my accounts. I have some hilly accounts. I was able to demo a Triumph down at the local lesco and that helped with the decision. They just happen to have an office with some challenging hills next door and I played around for about an hour riding around like I was doing an application.

Still was nervous when I bought it but now I'm like an old pro. Best decision I made. Buddy of mine works for a company that has a Turfco and he loves it. I wish I could have demoed one but Oh well. I'm happy. I looked at the Ground Logic also but could not demo one. I think they all are nice machines.

Is the Permagreen Perfect....No....But I like it. So easy to do apps now its actually fun.

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