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Great work! We do a lot of paver patios, seat walls, fire pits, etc. Every week we have 1-3 such jobs going on for much of the year. But in all the jobs we've done, I never thought of separating the seat wall in 3 different sections like that. I also never thought of installing the lighting on both sides of the seat wall like that either. We have always done it on the patio side only. But that looks great! You've given me new things to think about going forward!

Did you design that? Or do you use a landscape designer / architect?

Also, how did you get the grass to come up so close to the seat wall in your after photos? Did you have to re-seed and then come back later to take the photos once the lawn grew back? Or did you add new sod up there next to the seat walls? Or maybe you were just extremely careful not to damage any sod during the install process. The reason I ask is because whenever we do a patio or seat wall right up next to the lawn, there is always this gap after we're done that needs to be re-seeded or sodded. Mostly because we extended the footing a little outside where our patio/wall was going. But I don't see any gap at all in your photos. So I'm wondering how you managed that.
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