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It's been a quiet Summer up here on the Northcoast. The grass is finally starting to grow again. The Eastside of Cleveland has been "Hit Hard" by the Drought. It's rained alot to the East and South, even the Westside has gotten more precip than the Eastside.
I've seen alot more Grub Damage this year than ever before. A lot of "White Butterfies" Flying around. I've Dropped DILOX on a few lawns this year.... Even though I don't Fert my accounts. Hopefully that'll do the trick.
I've also seen a lot more "Stressed Out Trees." Leaves Dropping from some Maples, Acorns dropping from some Oaks (ALOT of ACORNS), and a few "Fruit Bearing" trees dropping "Product" as a "Defense Mechanism" against the Drought/Heat. NOTICE: this is localized to the Eastern Cuyahoga / Lake Counties. (A few miles in either direction, and things are different).
I haven't had to many Equipt. Problems ("Knock On Wood"). Just the usual Oil Change, Blades, Belts, Etc. I had to get a Fuel Pump, Module, Relay, etc put in my Tahoe (Personal / Backup Vehicle), so that set me back quite a few bucks.
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