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Solo Operation

This is my first year. Just getting going but all the principles that make any business successful apply. Good marketing, great service, good equipment promptness work great. I see a truck on every corner of our town with nice mowers etc. But I have simply been nice, proffessional, and went extra mile on every property... Some people see that I mow, load mower, get out weed eater, painstakingly weed eat, then edge, then blow. They see that i take care of their yard like it is my own. sometimes these really efficient lawn services are there own worst enemy. I mean they hit a yard with 3 guys do good work but are gone in 20 minutes. no relationship with customer. I mow less yards do it myself probably make as much money and have very happy customers. It just depends on your goals. I used to have another biz with many employees etc. just no longer need or want...
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