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Originally Posted by muddywater View Post
I think it gets a little nasty at 1000hrs, then you get puked on at 2000hrs.
I have an RC50 that has well over both your figures and it's been far more reliable than any of the Bobcat CTLs I sold over the 8 years I was selling them. ASV is still making their machines after 28 years in the CTL business so they must have gotten a few things right (I think Terex is a bigger threat to their existence than any OEM and will destroy the company because they have a weak dealership network and poor management). Also, over half of the CTLs ever built up through 2010 had an ASV undercarriage on them. They still have their place with lots of satisfied customers just like Bobcat, Takeuchi, Deere, CAT, Case, etc.
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