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Originally Posted by phasthound View Post
From the makers of SumaGreen:

Your first treatment if you have never used SumaGreen Turf should be a double application to get the root systems growing faster and giving them the ability to reach more water with their longer and stronger root systems.

Continued applications should be every 6 weeks 2 oz per 1000 sq/ft for each treatment. No less than 4 treatments per year of SumaGreen Turf for best results. This will help you see grass development early the following year to help fight diseases in the Turf.

Benefits will not be instant like some fertilizers but will continue to improve the soil and the grass during the course of the treatments. SumaGreen can be used in conjunction with reduced rates of herbicides and insecticides.

I posted the above statements to make sure everyone understands how to use the product. It will take a while to work. Just add 1/8lb N at first for faster green up.

One of the primary claims is that our SumaGreen products with SumaGrow inside will mobilize and solubilize phosphorous (P) at both high and low soil pH environments and make it available for plant uptake.

The microbiology are able to unlock nutrients that are normally unavailable to plants. They have the studies to back this up.
The "unlocking" ability is what I am interested in. Our soils seem to lock up P, K, Fe, ect....
On some of my St Augustine lawns I give a dose of Sulfur to for deeper green color.
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