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Originally Posted by muddywater View Post
That asv rc50 is a light machine. I think the heavier machines but more wear on the undercarriage.

I have flipped a few asvs over the years, rc 80, rc 100, rc 50, rc 60, and rc 30. The heavier machines show much more wear.
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I think you hit the nail on the head. ASV builds their machines around an undercarriage to match weight, balance and hp to weight ratios. CAT takes an existing undercarriage and bolts it to an existing skid chassis. CAT's 247, 277 and 287s performed relatively well concerning their operating weights with the exception of their weight oriented significantly to the rear on their vertical lift machines. IMO the 257 should never have happened because it is just plain too heavy and has too much weight on the A$$ of the machine.

The PT60 has the exact same undercarriage and it only weighs about 6300lbs compared to the 257 coming in at just over 8000lbs. That's a 20%+ weight difference not to mention that a lot of that extra weight is toward the rear of the machine over that small rear idler.
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