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Originally Posted by Snapper Jack View Post
I have several bi-weekly accounts and I can assure you that the G6's won't vaporize the clippings nor reduce clumping issues with your type of deck,especially when you're cutting fescue,been there and done everything imaginable with those G6's,doubles ,low lifts,mid lifts but G'6s on bottom with a low lift on top gave the best over all cut,along with dispersal when double cutting.
Dang!! Yes, I was hoping for a magic bullet and that the G6 blades would at least pulverize, if not vaporize, the clippings as well as evenly distribute them across the discharge area. Oh well, guess I'll have to face reality. Thanks for the feedback. To clarify, when you ran with G6's on the bottom and low lifts on the top, did you still have to double cut?
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