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my website / SEO question

how is it so far? i am looking for a template to buy, as this doesn't look so professional to me. Its not in my budget to have some one design one for me. I added the video last weekend, but not sure if i should host it on youtube, or if i should try to use it on my site directly, worried about bandwith.. i like the music on the video, but it is audio swap on youtube, so they force ads over my video.. so gotta do something about this soon.

the good thing about the site, is its simple and easy to navigate on my mobile phone, and atleast i have one. got my info on truck, and you can see the web adress / phone number from like 8 or so car lengths even at night time with just street lights. I do not have many images of my work as its my first year in business on my own and i have one customer so far. not a very good response rate so far.

working on SEO, but is submitting to free business listings enough? i have submitted to atleast 50 or 60 i believe so far, i use backpage, craigslist, youtube, facebook as well.. hoping by spring that i can increase my ranking somehow. i know a few who have been able to get a high ranking fast ,but i want to do it the best way.
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