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Originally Posted by Rick13 View Post
Just Got The Call Yesterday Afternoon, Your Machine is in...So I jumped in the truck and 15 minutes later I was looking at My 2012 ExMark 30" Riding Aerator!!!!

The pictures can't describe on how nice of a machine (looking wise) when I pulled up to the dealer! Has a great stance, and super easy to use! I just hope it will be easier to get parts and pulls great plugs!

It's been raining in Northern Illinois, so I just drove it through the yard and parked it in the garage. The ground is too wet with our record temps. and its been raining the last few days....but I hope to get it out in less than a week. I don't need a 1200 aerator making more of a mud mess in someone's yard.

So here's a few pictures and I will update Lawnsite once I get it in a few yards!
How many yards do you have lined up to aerate to justify the cost of this? I really REALLY want one! I have three other aerators and I am tired of it beating me to death!
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