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Originally Posted by turfmd101 View Post
There's no need to use bifenthrin which has no residual and performs poor under rain wet conditions. Besides, webworms are the least to worry about in terms of "turf damaging insects".
First would bifen not work well if applied correctly as you are are spraying it directly into the area the insect is actively feeding, the blades and thatchy area. Water to a certain extent will ensure the product gets where it needs to as it will wash over them on its way down correct?

Originally Posted by turfmd101 View Post
All they will do is eat some foliage and go away. The worst that can happen is some unwanted weeds emerge. Stick with cheap soap detergent this time of year. They'll be gone soon enough.
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I have a couple issues with this statement, not meaning to bust your balls, but I have seen webworm damage make newer turf not recover over the years. Turf which has seemed to be newly established such as newer established sod...does not seem to have the resources to recover as well as more established turf from webworm damange.
Webworm damage and the "worst that can happen is some unwanted weeds" could mean a chance in many circumstances for Bermuda to make itself present. So unwanted weeds now become a issue that will haunt your lawn for awhile.
Last but not least - does applying laundry detergents to the home lawn...does that not risk the chance of putting unneeded P into the lawn/creating a possible leaching situation among many other unknows? I went to my laundry room and read my label of tide. No where on it did it give directions for proper control of TS webworms. So I went to my trailer and pulled out my 7.9% bifen and guess what...there was directions on how to apply to turf for TS webworms.
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