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Originally Posted by LGL View Post
Poet, whats with the busting balls of my customers? No need for the antics, just had a friendly question. Web worms are pretty easy to spot even for a customer. Seeing as I am not a PCO, as I stated earlier I don't know what to suggest, hence why I asked. I didn't know if just telling them to put down a granular bug product would cover it or if it needed something specific. Just needed some advice.
No ball busting really just a state of mind. Customer that think they can do it all usually fail, not always but a good enough time, but then they expect you are the lawn guy to have all the unless your are a card holder PCO too..the chances your information is maybe or may not be correct. Why waste your time with customers asking questions that is not relative to what you are hire to due. I hate customers who ask me question not related to what I do. Lots of times in the past I find these type of customers feel they know more than you anyway...but will waste your time asking questions only to never take your advice. You know what I am saying. If they want advice on subject like this, they should hire a PCO who is qualified. If they want mediocre advice that may or may not be true...send them here to LS.
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