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Originally Posted by TheChiefsLawnCare View Post
better than what im doing when im not pulling any trailer. when that truck when my everyday, before i got my work vehicle, i was getting about 13 mpg. new gas trucks get horrible mpg. my dad got an 08 f250 diesel with camper top and city driving i think he said he was getting 11-12. and he drives slow and dosent let into it. so you still doin better then the new diesels, and you have a much better sounding truck lol

Low mileage 7.3Ls can be found but you can't be in a rush to buy one.
Its one of those start looking things and be ready to jump fast when you do find one. They don't last.

There are a lot in the 200k to 300k miles range.
Those guys seem to think their trucks are worth twice what they are too.
Professionals are people who can do their job when they don't feel like it.
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