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Originally Posted by Rick13 View Post
When I do a Google search: aeration in Rockford, IL....which most people use in their search in Rockford.... I am usually 1 to 3 on the top page of the page for Google.

And I was thinking of trying Facebook to link my website. I know this will help too. Something I will be working on this winter.
Sorry, last night I tried to jump in and give feedback to a couple of you, but was extremely rushed so didn't go as thorough as I try to. I didn't do any keyword searches for you, just searched domain address to see what is/isn't indexed for you (we usually do this first when it comes to Flash sites). That's awesome where you're ranking. I see you at Google 1 for rockford, il aerating/aeration.

Re: Facebook, etc, absolutely claim what's yours. In looking at your site again, I see it's extremely light on location-based content. "Rockford" doesn't seem to be used in any "this is where we service" fashion, and there is no identifiable service location other than Rockford and your phone number. Work in content and Title tags with your locations. I assume Rockford is the key area, but people search more specific via smaller towns/suburbs/etc.

In terms of local citations, I didn't see much for you out there, and it comes down to not knowing how to search for you other than "rockford aeration". In a similar vein, what exactly is your business called? The domain name is one thing, but if it's not your business name, i wouldn't focus on it in the content. I would dump the "presents" tagline as, to me, it leads to the confusion. There's also the Rick's Aeration that I assume is what your actual business is called. I'd suggest picking one "brand" and sticking with it. The domain name doesn't have to match the content, but you want to be as easy to search for as possible. Create consistency and you'll see the beneficial outcome.

Additionally, when it comes to claiming your various local pages/directory listings, list your business name and address the exact same on everything. Even if you don't have a physical shop/office location, you can usually select that "no business is done here" and you'll just pop on the maps, etc for the area. Quite a bit of establishing your local legitimacy, in the search engines' eyes, is cross-referencing all of your contact info. If something doesn't match, it can, and likely is, filtered out of the rank equation.
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