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I, as a certified operator won't be putting down soap to control TSW (ELS comments above are correct IMO). If Joe homeowner wants to do that it's his business. Our company will indeed apply Bifen (or other labeled products) to manage TSW numbers when required. Likely our customers would be more satisfied with that.

TurfMD 101- Exoskeleton? Stolons? If you want to be the expert fine, how about utilizing correct terminology / spelling? For the record: I'm state certified in all four categories since June 1978. I have 3 degrees (2 undergraduate, 1 Graduate), over 40 years experience, owned my own PC business, Manager at WDW in Pest Management for 11 years, Extension Agent IFAS in South Florida, written and published articles and delivered countless programs. Ever heard of spell check? Now, I'm not disputing everything you said BUT you're not the only knowledgeable person here. You may wish to keep that in mind. Good day Sir.
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