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Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
I can grab an old bungee cord around the top outside of the pail.

Tie a knot in the corner of the bag so it doesn't fall in.

Both are free to me.

But you have a clever idea think it will make you some money from home onwers.
Problem with a bungee cord is that it does not allow the air to release between the wall of the receptacle and the bag itself, causing a ballooning effect. It shuts off your opening. Plus it takes awhile to attach the bungee. Also, you're likely using a round receptacle, which will roll side to side when you set it on its side. Also, there is very little of the lip of a round receptacle that will touch the ground. With Grainger's receptacle you have a 23"x23" opening to plow your debris in. The 23" is approximately the width of the rake prongs, a huge opening. You can fill a 55 gallon bag in 20 seconds and it doesn't take any time at all to set up. You put your bag in the receptacle, slap the attachment over a side and tip the receptacle over on its opposite side. If you look at my website, you will see that I filled 18 fifty five gallon bags in 30 minutes with little effort
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