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Problem with a bungee cord is that it does not allow the air to release between the wall of the receptacle and the bag itself, causing a ballooning effect. It shuts off your opening. Plus it takes awhile to attach the bungee. Also, you're likely using a round receptacle, which will roll side to side when you set it on its side. Also, there is very little of the lip of a round receptacle that will touch the ground. With Grainger's receptacle you have a 23"x23" opening to plow your debris in. The 23" is approximately the width of the rake prongs, a huge opening. You can fill a 55 gallon bag in 20 seconds and it doesn't take any time at all to set up. You put your bag in the receptacle, slap the attachment over a side and tip the receptacle over on its opposite side. If you look at my website, you will see that I filled 18 fifty five gallon bags in 30 minutes with little effort
I ran out of time before I could add text in my original post, so I had to repost. Sorry. To continue on, Grainger doesn't sell products for individuals. They serve industry, mostly all industry.

By the time you tie your bag tight around the opening of your receptacle and put the bungee cord on, you would likely have filled up a 55 gallon bag and have been moving on to another. You need to understand that it is practically unheard of that a company the size of Grainger would even intertain the thought of taking a phone call from an individual inventor/entrepreneur, like me, let alone to add them as a supplier. There is a reason that they brought my product along, and it's not because it will appeal to some homeowners. They see value in the product and it's evidenced in the price they've placed on it, $31.85. That's the price they determined they should sell it for, not me.
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