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Originally Posted by Rick13 View Post
For me, yes! Aeration in Northern Illinois has an open range. You've got the large national companies charging up to $120 to aerate small 1/4 acres (10,890 sq. ft). Me, I charge $55.00....pretty cheap but it usually only takes 25 mins....with the riding aerator.

You know the night and day difference when you push mow compared to riding your zero's the same with aeration.

The old drum walk behind aerators beat you up. They give you a workout, and as you are fighting with the think, "What am I doing this back breaking work for?".

Then they came out with the single hydro much easier....but slow moving. You're no where as tired as the old style drum aerator...but it takes a long time to get the work done. So you start to think, "Am I making any money at this speed?".

Now they are starting to come out with the dual hydro aerators. Great machine!!!! Fast, quick, can fit through a 36" full are running! A great money making machine!!! The only problem....Lawn Solutions couldn't produce them like they promised. Now Toro/ExMark are supposed to come out with them in July 2012. They didn't make that date. Now they are looking for the Fall of 2012. This would be a great way to go if you didn't want to spend over $8000.00 for the rider. The dual should be around $4000.00 and you don't have to jump in with both feet like you would with the riding aerator.

The Riding aerating beast!!! The best, easiest, fastest, and you will make money....because now you can do a job for less (still make good money) and have time to take on more work....if you want it?

Last fall I made over $800.00 aerating on day. It was 5 large yards....but all I had to do was stand and drive the machine. Now it doesn't happen everyday....but it happened and could happen again this year. But it takes time to build your customers and get the word out.

ok, this will probably start a big pissing match but I'm going to say it for conversation sake because I think it's worth discussing. I actually quoted a lady with a 1/4 acre $120 today for aeration. Before it was all said and done, I had offered to drop it to $100 IF she got three of her neighbors to sign up and another $10 discount if they would join my mobile VIP club bringing the price down to $90. My question is this, if it is worth $90 to do the job with a pain in the rear end walk behind, is it worth less because I have invested the capital to purchase a more productive machine? That's kind of how I have looked at mowing in the past. If a lawn is worth $40 to be mowed, and I use a 21" WB and it takes me an hour to mow it is it worth LESS when I come in with my 60" zero turn and knock it out in 20 minutes? It's still worth $40 but I just increased my productivity by investing in better equipment. Does that makes sense? I just don't see selling yourself short just because you have a more productive unit. Not looking to pick a fight here, just a discussion.
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