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Tools : Remote, Greenlee multimeter, Wire stripper, Station master, 521 locator.
Needed: Fault locator and that TDR would have been handy too!!

hmmm- it was the last thing I tried lol. A new water feature install nicked the wire run . I needed my fault locator but I needed to find the dang valve too.

Zone 11 wasn't working ( 11 zones) > Greenlee multimeter showed 600k ohms.( Broken wire or nicked wire) > Walked around the area of the zone looking for a VB > Located 1 vb of 2 valves but they were not it> Wiring was absolute mess> Traced out zone wire only from controller all the way to this valve box. > Hooked up remote and tested in VB- No useful readings leading into this vb > Disconnected common and zone wire- Traced backwords/ flagged Both wires individually and traced directly back to the controller . > Quickly located a total of 13 valves ( 2 extras wired in the field as well Except my bad zone of course) That were all buried a few inches> Used process of elimination to find vicinity of valve.

Thought hmmm where the ef is this valve. > Attempted to common and zone wire trace and followed flagged line> Found it. . Obviously this wouldn't have worked for a broken wire, but then again I wouldn't have been able to trace the line out to the next VB.

The wire follows DIRECTLY UP THE MIDDLE of a 15' new water feature that a joe smo installed.

Used the one spare available wire and then recommended a wire reroute around the feature..

Total time 1.5H
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