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Originally Posted by RussellB View Post
Get grip high roller. I have three waste recycling centers within five miles of my home. They take leaves and grass clippings in the bag. drive up and chuck them in the dumpster. Most homes here do not have natural areas to blow the WASTE into. It is collected and hauled off in bags. Now back on topic. Slapon I congratulate you on inventing, manufacturing and marketing your product. Good luck and I hope you make a fortune.
Thanks RussellB. Kind words are always appreciated. It's a tough crowd, and I understand their skepticism. But the product works. I did not get into this to get rich. I've had this idea since I was 18 and only decided to give it a try at age 47 because I didn't want to take the idea to my death bed. I didn't get into this, spending countless hours of work and worry and a spending lot of hard earned money for the purpose of getting rich, because I knew the odds were against me. It's all about the product. Always has been and always will be. I invented the product so that bagging leaves, one of the most arduous jobs in lawn care maintenance, could be made easy.
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