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Second job I've run across in a week where the original installer put A/S valves in a box in the ground. Thought I would reuse the valves on this one and just clean them and install above grade per code. Turns out the genius who put them in used blue glue on the MA threads into the valves...

Also funny that they put the valves in the middle of a french drain... maybe that was to carry away the backflow of water thru the A/S after each cycle?

What got me out to the job was a leak in the old rusty galvanized supply line where it connected via a dialectric coupling to the 3/4" coming out of the house, went though a concrete step and under the wooden tie at the base of the steel fence. Went over the step w/ SCH 80 after a new Matco ball valve, then new Rain Bird ASVF valves.

More pics tomorrow after i finish. Got a late start on this topday and didn't have replacement valves on hand.
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