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I've had bad guys all year myself. Here's what I'm
Considering for next year. This is after messing it all up and then doing LOTS of research. The. Again this could all be wrong too

1. Hire extra guys, and then be quick to

2. If someone calls in or leaves early they automatically will get 2 days off. I figure if they really are sick I don't need them getting the other guys sick. If they are not sick or sick because of the night before, they get the second day off as punishment, let them hurt their paychecks they will think twice about calling in a day.

3 days in a row or 3 total for the same reason must show a doctors note or be fired.

consider a "point system". A large retail store has this
Near me. 1 point for showing up more than 5 mins late, 2 points for missing a day for any reason. Once you get 12 points in a season your considered unreliable and terminated.

Daily bonus. I'm thinking of adding a few extra lawns to the route to pay for this, but a consideration is $20.00 cash to each guy that shows on time, and fully completes the route. If you don't show, or complete, you don't get it. Those guys that are broke and have no smokes and gas will see the value in coming to work an finishing the day just to get $20.00. My guess is any owner would trade $60.00 per day of it ment fully completing the route everyday.

This will also engage more pressure from the crew leader an other guys. They will be pissed about not getting their $20 because they can't finish. I promise you the crew leader will tell you to fire the guy after he does it more than 3 days

One thing to think about, if you don't have a grading scale or a goal or a way to measure each guy that they can see. They will never know when they cross the line. If you say look you get 6 days per year, and on the 7th I don't need your services. Once they get to 4 they will think twice.
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