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Originally Posted by xtreem3d View Post
i get what your saying...instead of having 3000 invested you now have 8000 invested..the customer shouldn't care how long it takes.( they agreed to the price right?)..but I know from experience they do...If your in and out in 20 minutes they feel cheated but they just don't understand the differences in cost of equipment
OH I know. Years ago, I had this old man I mowed for. Still was running a lawn tractor. Was charging $25 every two weeks. (this was 15 years ago guys...) Bought my first zero turn and old dude had a fit because I got done so fast. Felt like I should only charge him $20. Argued with him for a little bit about it and finally gave in. Not now. Sorry, but it's worth what it's worth. I also have a "I ain't arguing with your dumbass I have better things to do with my time" policy.
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