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Originally Posted by Chris Feenan View Post
Yes, I've read everything I can find on here about leaf cleanup methods. Clearly, debris loaders and dump trucks or trailers are the preferred method.

In my location. the town will only pick up leaves in the biodegradable paper bags. I could buy a debris loader and spend the last hour of long, cold Fall days driving to a recycling center. But I would rather spend $20 - $30 each day on the paper bags, leave them at the curb, and go home at the end of the day. Spending that hour on a dump run is costing me a lot more than $30 in gas, overhead, wages, etc. right ?

So, I can't stop thinking about finding a way to fill the bags more efficiently. I use blowers and a 52 inch Scag Tiger Cat with the power bagger. Then these things to hold the bags open while we dump the ground up leaves in. Works fine, but a bit slow, messy and tiring. Lifting full bags high enough to dump into a 4 ft tall bag is a nice workout for the first 100 bags, then it's just nuts !

I want to rig up a Billy Goat Lawn Vac with the hose attachment and have it shoot into the bags. Or, maybe it would shoot the leaves into a hopper, like a sand bag filler hopper, and the bags would be placed under the hopper. I wouldn't want to tow this contraption around. Park it in a central location and use it as a collection station for what the ZTR's are bagging up. Would that work ?

Maybe the billy goat isn't powerful enough ? I like the idea of a portable loader on wheels so I can access areas that aren't easy to blow out for the mowers. Could I rig a 10 - 16 hp debris loader up to fill bags somehow ? The trac vac/cyclone rake rigs don't get great reviews here, or anywhere, for that matter. But that basic design, a debris loader, on a wagon, big tires, a box to blow the leaves into. Inside the box, 4 - 6 of the paper bags, held open with the funnel things. Get aggressive about venting it. Maybe make it bigger so the power of the debris loader doesn't blow the thing up. If it works well, the zero turn can dump its full bags on a tarp, and this crazy invention sucks them up and puts them in the bags.

Well, I feel better. This idea has been rattling around in my head for awhile. Now it's on paper. Talk me out of it, will ya ?
How about considering my product, the Slap-on attachment, and use biodegradable can liners instead of plastic. You could run your mower without the bagger and shoot the leaves and grass so that they collect in a pile. Using a Grainger 48 gallon square receptacle, product #5DMV5, with 43" wide x 48" long biodegradable can liners restrained inside the container with the Slap-on attachment, also sold at WW Grainger, product #22N539, would allow you to fill each 55 gallon bag in about 20 seconds.

You can reference the products on WW Grainger's website, You can better see how the products work together by visiting the Slap-on product's website, Also, there's a separate discussion in a thread that has been started under "Please review my product selling at WW Grainger for fall cleanups" in this Landscape Maintenance forum that you may want to join. Also, I'm glad to answer any questions you may have. Thanks, Eric
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