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Originally Posted by mtmower View Post
Well I'm still battling a poor QOC with my 460. I tried a new set of flat, notched, high lift, Oregon Fusion blades with no better results. This is the forth blade type I've tried. We bumped up the RPMs and pitched the deck, even tried some add on baffles and I'm still getting tons of stragglers/stingers at any speed and even double cutting. It also does not lift grasses pressed down by the tires at all. This seems to be somewhat grass type specific. Mostly with the super fine fescues we have and worse in thinner areas. Seems like there is little vacuum or negative turbulence under the deck, almost like I've got some bailer twine around a spindle or two. Looking at the design of the underside I can't figure out why this is. Also if I run it at speeds I'm used to with my Hustlers it makes the problem worse. Damp grass will clump also and I believe it's from collecting on the rear flatter surface of the discharge opening. When cutting dryer grasses more of the clippings come out the front of the discharge chute.
Wow! I honestly cant believe your having these issues!!?? We cut the same types of grasses for the most part. I have never experienced clumping and only had straglers in fine fesscue with dull blades at full speed. You have seen all my pics mowing in the rain with no issues. My deck produces a huge amount of vacuum with the OEM blades.

Im sorry and hope you can get this figured out.
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