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I'm a solo part time operation. Currently have 17 accounts. I work a 9-5 corporate job and mow in the evenings after work. Weather permitting, I can split them up and get all the mowing done 4 nights a week and still get 3 days off. I got everything done in 3 days this week. Then spent wednesday putting out fert. It does get a little hectic in the spring with mulch/pine straw jobs.

A couple weeks ago I had to hire a buddy of mine as a helper to knock out all my yards in one day before I left to go on a week-long family vacation. Fortunately, he has worked for an LCO in the past so he knows what he's doing and I didn't have to babysit him. We got all 17 done in 5 hours total. Not bad for it being his first time working with me since he doesn't really know my "routine". The one thing that wasted a lot of time was I didn't have two backpack blowers, Only 1 so there was a little thumb twiddling waiting for one another to finish blowing. I did all the mowing and he did everything else. Luckily I have two trimmers so I was able to do some trimming if I finished mowing before he was done.
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