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Originally Posted by adam.neusbaum View Post
My Turfco xt5 only pulls plugs going forward.
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It can pull cores in reverse but it is difficult with the tine design. That is true for all these hydro drive aerators using that tine design. As the tip of the tine wears off it will pull better cores in reverse but again the shape of the tine, the cutting leading edge and hole that the core must pass thru makes it difficult to pull a core. With that said it is still doing a really good job of aeration as it enters the ground and makes a rollling "X" movement under the ground. It is reaching depth and doing a pivot on the tip as it moves backwards. This fractures the ground and relieves compaction so you are doing well by the lawn / grass by operating the machine in reverse with the tines down.

I would venture to say that those who say they pull plugs in reverse are seeing cores from the forward movement falling out as very little soil is being pressed into the tines in reverse.
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