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Originally Posted by jfoxtrot9 View Post
Wow! I did not know that and what a shame! To me one of the MAJOR advantages of the hydro aerators is the reverse aerating ability. It is major in turning around, tight spots and hills. This is EXACTLY why I think they are better than your typical aerator. My walk behind is a 2009 Lawn Solutions.

Man, I hate to say this, but what a scam Turfco!! What is the real advantage in your aerator? After all the hoopla and arguing on this site about which was the better aerator between LS and Turfco and countless people go by a Turfco and it turns out that it isn't on par with even the older LS models!

If this statement is true, I can honostly give an opinion that the Toro/Exmark (formerly Lawn Solutions) aerators are superior to the Turfco for this very reason.
Foxtrot, I would watch what you say. We are all using the exact same design of tine, entering the soil in exactly the same manner so be careful. and How much tine research have you done? I have been at it since the early 70s when I was with Ryan (who designed that tine) and many others.
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