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Got my Cheetah in FINALLY...small review

Finally got my Cheetah. Got it with the 36 hp big block, and 61" velocity plus deck (standard deck)

Cut some 3 week growth (st. aug, super thick) at about 3/4 full forward speed and she didn't skip a beat, or a single blade of grass for that matter. Deck was set at 3.5"

Cut some 2 week old st aug mixed with random weeds, same results, but at full forward speed. Both scenarios were in low gear.

Tried to cut some thick random weeds in HI gear (16 mph) and it actually cut better than my old Hustler fasttrak super duty did at full speed, but it did leave a couple stragglers here and there, although I definitely DO NOT reccomend cutting in HI. I was also instructed to NOT cut in high when I picked up the mower, and that HI is strictly for transport purposes.

The power it has is absolutely amazing, I think I might have bogged it 2 times at most cutting as fast as it would let me. Cutting at 16 mph is just STUPID fast, and not very nerve wracking. I didnt get a chance to cut pure grass at full speed in HI, but it cut extremely well on the stuff I did cut.

In low, it will cut at full speed with no hesitation, and no missed blades of grass.

I will be installing a mulching kit next week and report back how it does.

I will also get some pictures up later for all you picture whores
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