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Help me buy a truck!

Looking at trucks lately to get around my dilemma of having a massive older international (empty weight 16,500, GVW 25,500 = payload 9000) and wanting something newer, automatic, and better suit for my business. Been shopping for F5fixme's (guessing here but empty weight 10k, GVW 19,5k payload 9.5k) but having a hard time finding an affordable one that isn't beat, old, or high miles and most of them are the 17.5 gvw.

This gem caught my eye. It is currently over CDL but I can re register it under, buy it, and get my CDL and bump it back up later on when I have another driver with a CDL. I can also pull the compressor (don't need it every day but I can drea up all kinds of uses) leave it a skid mount, put it on a trailer, or just sell it! Then build a box wih a ramp and create a mini ETWMAN truck (the ideal hardscaper setup) for brick saws, tampers, wheebarrels, hand tools etc.

Let me know what you think about the general truck (this is my first air brake truck, auto allison trans etc) and also if you have an idea of what that compressor weighs. Then I can run it over the scale and figure out my realistic payload under CDL. I'm guessing its around 13k without the compressor since its 4 feet shorter than my current truck but its all just speculation.

What I'm currently working with if anyone wants it for mulch/cleanups/etc
new batteries, tires, fluids, brakes etc 1988 - s1900 with the 466 and 5 speed. 17' fold down body with barn doors

I appreciate any input as I'm really flying solo here and its a big purchase!
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