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Originally Posted by Weekend cut easymoney View Post
I suggest going to the GiE Expo in Tenn. this October and getting a small booth--
lots of innovative ideas were there last year--it would help to get some exposure-

For your video or to demonstate at the show....
while in Tenn. or when you drive up to Tenn. for the show, collect some bags of leaves or when you get to Louisville, drive through some neighborhoods and scout around for a bunch of leaves you can bag up and take to the show--

go out to the demo area and shoot your video-

or you could just go out and find some leaves...near where you live-post a craigs list ad!
You know, I've seen the show advertised on the web, and would be a great event to attend, but the financial commitment to rent out a booth and to be able pay for everything associated with getting myself up to the event and the costs associated with setting up the booth is untenable at this time. Perhaps the event is something that I may be able to consider for next year, though, with a little more planning. I may also be able to find another company that currently has a booth to sponsor my product at the event, which would be a lot more affordable. Thanks!
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