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Originally Posted by Duekster View Post
Sometimes you can find a decent deal for a professional video production for less than $500.00.

Keep in mind too, there is more than just leaves....

Could be clippings from shrubs. Think dude.

I would make a series of them each with different key words.
That could be true. The last video I did cost me $1,200. The main reason I want to shoot leaves being picked up in a video is that I'm sure it is something that you professionals can relate to. That is why I want to get the video as realistic as possible to a setting you may encounter at work. For instance, the spokeswoman that I have in my video on did a great job, but I am not sure you can relate to her raking artificial leaves on a clear day in Dallas, TX.

I would simply prefer a time lapsed video of a massive pile of leaves being bagged, or a side to side comparison of different methods used to bag leaves. I may be able to do that down here, but, for leaves, I would have to wait until January before there are enough leaves on the ground to cut the video. Traveling up north is not going to be possible this Fall. I could consider other settings, though, such as a construction site cleanup, or something similar. Thanks again for your contribution. It means a lot.
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