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Originally Posted by slapon View Post
That could be true. The last video I did cost me $1,200. The main reason I want to shoot leaves being picked up in a video is that I'm sure it is something that you professionals can relate to. That is why I want to get the video as realistic as possible to a setting you may encounter at work. For instance, the spokeswoman that I have in my video on did a great job, but I am not sure you can relate to her raking artificial leaves on a clear day in Dallas, TX.

I would simply prefer a time lapsed video of a massive pile of leaves being bagged, or a side to side comparison of different methods used to bag leaves. I may be able to do that down here, but, for leaves, I would have to wait until January before there are enough leaves on the ground to cut the video. Traveling up north is not going to be possible this Fall. I could consider other settings, though, such as a construction site cleanup, or something similar. Thanks again for your contribution. It means a lot.
I do not want to be rude but most people will tune out 10 seconds in to that video. They will never see how it works. More action with voice over. If you are going to show that much of the host she should be very hot with less clothes.
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