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Originally Posted by bugsNbows View Post
I, as a certified operator won't be putting down soap to control TSW (ELS comments above are correct IMO). If Joe homeowner wants to do that it's his business. Our company will indeed apply Bifen (or other labeled products) to manage TSW numbers when required. Likely our customers would be more satisfied with that.

TurfMD 101- Exoskeleton? Stolons? If you want to be the expert fine, how about utilizing correct terminology / spelling? For the record: I'm state certified in all four categories since June 1978. I have 3 degrees (2 undergraduate, 1 Graduate), over 40 years experience, owned my own PC business, Manager at WDW in Pest Management for 11 years, Extension Agent IFAS in South Florida, written and published articles and delivered countless programs. Ever heard of spell check? Now, I'm not disputing everything you said BUT you're not the only knowledgeable person here. You may wish to keep that in mind. Good day Sir.
1) So I guess you don't use baking soda for crabgrass right? I think your problem is you are too book experienced. Closed minded. If the label says it, it must be true. you've spent to much time learning what other people say vs what your over 40 years of experience tells you. I roll my own way, never cut and paste. Your short changing your customers by staying in the box. My customers prefer a more natural control than a synthetic pyrethroid that's worn out, over used and not a true residual. You use it because its cheap. Talstar has a better molecule, too much $ ay. I'm not saying it works but most would agree it works better. If I were you I would be upset to. I'm a guy who never went to (school) for this. Well your kind of edumacation (check spelling pls). My school from 18 to 45 has been in the landscape. I pay attention, remember things and how the environment works from record rains to record droughts and anything in between. I've never read many labels, though I know most products by what they "really" do not what controlled test study's show or labels tell me. I'm open minded. If I thought I was the most knowledgeable person here I would probably use spell check to prove it, but I don't. So that settles that. Oh, I don't want to be THE expert but I am an EXPERT. I'm not trying to publish anything here or I would be really be letting it role. I'm saving some for later. The fact is I never visit my customers only phone contact or e-mailed pictures from them. I usually take an account that's fed-up with poor results from different services. After 6 to 8 weeks their landscapes are on cruise control. My customers almost never use insecticides or herbicides. I guide them over the phone, never visit them and their always asked who they have for service because their landscape screams green under all environmental adversity. Then I get another lead. I mean account. The fact is my customers landscapes out perform ones visited 6-7 times a year by techs. I'm very proactive when it comes to potential landscape failures. Yea i'm that good. So do I think i'm an expert, YES. Can I spell good, ( I mean well ) NO. Since spelling has nothing to do with keeping landscapes healthy and problem free. I guess your school taught good spelling. My school taught me the necessary things beyond spelling. Good day to you Sir! P.S. keep up on applying pesticides that seems to work best for YOU.
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