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ZTR's - better cut quality or just faster?

i have a flat 1/2 an acre of cool season grass (perennial ryegrass). currently have a 42" craftsman (2010 i think) garden tractor (24 hp model). very few obstacles

i'm not happy with the cut quality. the challenge is:
i can only mow once a week
Perennial ryegrass grows fairly quickly
As i'm near the coast, the grass is normally slightly damp (very high humidity)
I use mulching blades as recommended by the local extension

combine the above facts and it makes for a challenging mow. i get quite a bit of unevenness especially in turns, but more importantly i get large clumps of grass laying on the lawn when done. i have to then go back over and clean up (or have dead spots a week later)

so my question is, what would be the best mower to give me a quality cut. i cant really do a walk behind because i need to pull around some light duty yard utensils e.g., tow behind sprayer.

thanks in advance
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