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Originally Posted by turfcobob View Post

Foxtrot, I would watch what you say. We are all using the exact same design of tine, entering the soil in exactly the same manner so be careful. and How much tine research have you done? I have been at it since the early 70s when I was with Ryan (who designed that tine) and many others.

Maybe you need to let the fella who said that his Turfco unit did not aerate in reverse needs to watch what he says. I merely stated and I quote "If this statement is true, I can honostly give an opinion that the Toro/Exmark (formerly Lawn Solutions) aerators are superior to the Turfco for this very reason." So who actually misspoke? Go, hammer another head.

I am glad that you have years of tine research and I appreciate anything your years of experience may have added to the industry, and I really mean that, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the mans statement that his unit does not aerate in reverse, nor my comment that if it was true it was a lesser machine. I do not aerate in reverse as normal practice but in tight spaces and on certain hilly areas it can be a real advantage and I am thankful for the ability to do so.
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