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Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
I hear a lot about products claiming to enhance soil microbes and "restore tired soils," like SumaGreen.

But, I can't find any studies that prove their claims. I've met with the owners of SumaGrow (makers of SumaGreen) many times and they have still not provided one scientific study to back up their claims. They like to show me a lot of corn and soybean pictures, but they have no turf or lawn data and no scientific research.

For a better understanding of soil microbiology and how SumaGreen-type products influence turf systems, watch this video:

It's from Dr. David Zuberer, a soil microbiologist from Texas A&M. He lends a lot of insight into all the claims that these new microbial products are making.
Very Interesting and informative. A soil microbiologist of 36 yrs saying much of what we hear and see with many of these products claims is "hogwash."

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