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Originally Posted by Rick13 View Post
I ran a SEO search on my website: and the search said I should add "blogging" to my website.

My question is, how many people have blogging on their website?

And if you do have blogging on your website....what do you blog about? Weather? Yard tips? Idea's for future service/work?
Hey Rick.

Blogging is beneficial if done right, and requires very litle effort.

blogging for business is very popular because you only need to write small messages/pages the relate to your services/site content. If you employ the right mix of seo strategies with in your blog then it only adds more relevance to your site. Blogging is also worth more then just seo benefits though. It also shows potential customers that you are knowledgeable and credibility and reputation with people is what will sell your products or services.

Topics to blog about should be in relation to your main site, but for the benefit of the reader too. whenever possible, link to your site using link and title text to match the title of the page your linking too. So yes weather, yard tips....... is a good starting point.

Because I am so terrible at writing I opt for the much simpler option of using twitter. Not as good in terms of seo but hey it works.
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