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Originally Posted by ELS Landscape View Post
I am self taught on many things. I also come here to learn, and share. There are plenty of helpful experts on this site.

I promote IPM, I believe that pest will be best but the best defense is healthy plants. While I like safer products, there is no reason to use something as far off label as Laundry Detergent for pest control. The EPA is pretty liberal with Minimum Risk Pesticides but there are still rules.

There are also some very effective minimum risk products out there for insects. I will stick to them and charge accordingly.
IPM's goal is no pesticides applied. Practicing it would mean in my opinion "SOAP" this late in August. IPM does not teach treating when unnecessary as in webworms will be gone soon enough a matter of weeks. Turf will recover just fine because September to November are its favorite time of year. Just like aphids on myrtles even with sooty mold because of high populations, they will naturally shed their insect. June -July another story.
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