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I guess I need to start all over. I installed a new pump on my 60 gal 3 pt sprayer and don't remember the nozzles installed plus don't want to go buy new one's. I guess the only way to test is to start by filling the tank with water, set my PTO speed to 960 RPM, set the pressure relief to 15Psi, mark off 100 ft, Set the Diesel tractor speed to 2250 RPm, shift to low gear, then see how much water sprayed. After this exerise i can determine the amount of gal disbursed then devide the area covered into 44000 and multiply the result by gal disbursed for gal per acre. I guess some where in the calculation I need to figure in the width of my boom.
Some where I am missing something and need some help as my brain is fried and I don't want to kill the Bahia......Only the weeds.
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