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Originally Posted by fumblefingers View Post
Another question, Since the sprayer is 3 pt about 7 ft long and with 7 nozzles, I can adjust the height of the nozzles off the ground. What would be the best heigth to set the nozzles? It would seem that a 7 ft boom would cut a path of about 10 ft so I would be doing about 1000 ft for every 100 ft traveled. If my gal disbursed is above/below the recommended spray amount per acre, is it better to adjust concentration of product, or pressure and retest? Water is cheap 24D is not
Try and get a Tee Jet Catalog, It has all the Height and width spec for their nozzles. From what you are saying I would adjust my height by eye ball then test it on a solid street or surface. That way you can watch the distribution of your spray pattern. If you get even drying on the solid surface you are Good. If not time to adjust. Remember many nozzles are made to Overlap.

I have marked off 350 ft on my street. Up and back is 7.000 sq ft @ 10 ft wide. Any adjustments etc I make, I retest on the street with straight water.

I changed the Engine governor to first tweak the speed to a constant 4 MPH. By having a constant speed I have a starting point to design pump and nozzles sizes. I like to over build and use the Pressure Regulator for the final tweaking.


it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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