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Originally Posted by Rick13 View Post
Yep jfoxtrot9...the only problem I have with My Lawn Solution walk behind dual hydro is it's GREEN! Most of my equipment and trailer are all BRIGHT RED!!!

Wonder if I should get some spray cans and paint it red? LOL!

Or if I paint it, I might be losing some of that Collector's Value on L.S. dual hydro....since I don't think there are many of them out there (maybe 5 total)???
You have to keep it green! I feel you on the color, the rest of my stuff is also red but I would not paint my LS 21", no way. It's a first of it's kind instant classic!

Early this year I actually found a Dual Hydro with 18 hours on Ebay. The only problem was it was like 16 hours away from me in Minnesota. The guy seemed wierd about shipping it to me even with my offer to pay shipping. (he wanted local pick up). I have tried to contact him since with no reply. Oh well.

Are there really like only 5 produced?
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