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When I was calling Lawn Solution every week...I knew of seven units they were working on. Lawn Solutions would tell me that they were tweaking this and that to get the dual hydro just right! The last two of the seven units didn't have enough parts, so they weren't sure which one I was going to get. One through five....or number six or seven?

Well a week later, I had my dual I think I got one through five.

Well going on three years later....Toro/ExMark have missed their 1st date on getting the dual hydro out there. I think they were going to have the dual hydro's ready for the masses in July 2012 for around $4,000.00 plus.

Well July is gone, and now the Fall is almost here.

David from Lawn Solutions call me three years ago....wanting to come by my house to borrow the dual hydro. He said there was some big lawn show near by and he was working for Toro.

Well long story short, Toro just bought Lawn Solutions out, so David was wearing a Red Toro Equipment shirt, but he had a trailer full off his/Toro's equipment. He had a L.S. Riding Aerator, L.S. 21" hydro aerator, and L.S. slit seeder....but no dual hydro aerator. So he called me up the day before the show, asking if he could borrow the machine since he didn't have one.

I said sure, it was the end of July I think....but it was a time where I didn't need it since it wasn't Fall.

So he came by, picked up the aerator and said "Thanks".

The next day he brought the machine back and told me out of all the equipment they had at the show...including Toro's products....the dual hydro walk behind aerator was the hottest machine there and he had over hundred different people wanting to buy it off of him/on the spot!

Now I know David might be hyping it up some....but I personal think if someone wanted to increase their aeration business...the dual hydro is the way to go!

It's very fast, almost half the money of the rider (so you don't have to risk as much money to see if your working area will support an expensive piece of equipment), a chance to increase your local visibility and maybe pick up new customers.

It's a great machine, but Toro must be having problems getting them out the door??? Not sure.

But I do know, I feel lucky, and it does a great job in the back yards when the rider won't fit.

And one more funny note, you know you'll spoiled when you dread using the dual hydro aerator...when there's a super, fast, fun, riding aerator on your trailer. Must be human life....if I can't use the rider now....I dread having to walk behind a machine....just to explain how wonderful the riding aerator is!

And if you live in Norther Illinois....don't buy a riding aerator....they are too expensive!!! LOL!
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