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Originally Posted by Buck Hollow Lawn Care View Post
Cheers fellow Vermonter! I have not seen many husky walk behinds, most are using the bobcats and toros down this way in the burlington area, I personally like the Ferris. I run an IS 2000 z and plan on purchasing a ferris comfort control in the spring. If you do get one keep me posted on how it does.
ok so i tried a used 2006 wh4817 hydro.......i really love it the floating deck with on the fly height change abilities. it handled well in tight areas and on hills, but for me what really impressed me the most was its cutting abilities in wet grass it cut well.......but here iit comes my scag belt drives cuts amazingly but id say the husky cuts almost as good given the husky had high lift blades and so does my scag it was an apples to apples comparison my vote goes to scag because they have really good decks, the new husky with the pistol grips that i tried was a little better and i likes that better than my scag but that was brand new with an 18 hp kawi
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