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You are right about measuring but I thought I could use my spray wand attachment, take off the end then pump the remaining water into a 5 gal bucket.

I will then know how much fluid is dispensed in 100 ft.

for argument sake lets say I dispursed 3.45 gal in 100 ft 10 ft wide. I would then multiply 3.45 X 43.5 =150 Gal per acre. Since I have a 60 gal tank I would need 2.5 tank fills per acre. So I would devide 32 oz(an acres worth of 24D) by 2.5 to get 12.5 oz per tank. This mix would give me the proper concentration.

Now to change the argument, lets say i reduced the pressure to 8 PSI instead of 15 and remeasured. With a lower PSI I could get less water so would increase OZ per tank of Weedar 64.

There must be an easier way but I dont know how to use the pump curves and PSI shown in their charts that came with the Pump (Delevan).

Is this correct or am I getting mixed up. It has been 66 years since I was in 7th grade
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